Some stability in crypto currency markets apart from IOTA spike

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The cryptocurrency markets were rather stable on Friday with most of the larger cryptocurrencies holding on to the gains made over the past few days barring a few exceptions. Legacy Bitcoin was quite static, hovering around the $7500-7600 mark and appeared to be well supported at that level. There appears to be further speculation that NASDAQ and other stock exchanges might be turning to cryptocurrencies in the not too distant future, considerably increasing the market’s turnover.

Bitcoin Cash was also static but appeared to be holding well above the $1000 mark and was looking to break further barriers as it continued to be adopted across various platforms. It seems to be only a matter of time before BCH moves forward and begins targeting the highs it had reached in previous months.

Ethereum was also stable but it gained around 2% to trade at $580 at press time. The currency appears to have recovered from its recent slump and looks to be moving forward to the $600 mark if a bull run begins.

Ripple continued to be in the news with several more agreements being signed with major international banks although that did not have much effect on the price again. In fact, Ripple was stable at around $0.61 with support at that level although movements seemed to be very slow to say the least. Litecoin was also stable at the $120 mark although this price has been held for the past few days with not much movement here either.

Smaller currencies by market cap were generally positive. IOTA charged forward with an impressive 28% increase – largely due to its listing on the Binance exchange as interest in the innovative cryptocurrency continued to spike. Stellar Lumens was also considerably up and was flirting with the $0.30 mark at press time whilst NEO appeared relatively stable at the $0.53 mark with further pushes upward expected in the short to medium term.

With its main net approaching, EOS ceded some of its gains over the past hours although it still maintained the $12 mark quite well. Some exchanges have disabled trade in this cryptocurrency until the process concludes so there might be less volatility in the price over the next few days. Dash was also stable at around the $305 mark whilst Ethereum Classic held on to the $15 mark quite well. Cardano also maintained its growth of the past few days with a 3% increase to around the $0.22 level.