Al-Bashir: Radical solutions to the problems of the Sudanese economy

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Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir said that the country is now heading for radical solutions to the problems of the Sudanese economy by increasing production and productivity, increasing exports and expanding agricultural projects with modern methods of irrigation and increasing interest in livestock and traditional resources.

Al-Bashir, speaking at the closing session of the Shura Council of the Islamic National Movement during its thirteenth edition, called for more space in the movement.

Al-Bashir said that the future of Sudan will be formed by young people, stressing the need to get down to the rules and provide social, cultural and sports support among different sectors of the people in their places of residence.

The secretary-general of the Sudanese Islamic Movement, Zubayr Ahmed al-Hassan, said that the economic embargo imposed on Sudan had been partially lifted.

He added that the survival of the name of Sudan in the US list of state sponsors of terrorism is a pending sword on the economic and social development of the country, requiring,   to cope with the problem , self-reliance  and a strong  reform of the economy .