Billions of Gulf investments expected to be invested in tourism infrastructure

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Gulf investments are expected to reach $ 56 billion by 2022 in parallel with the launch and development of revolutionary and innovative transport projects.

The projects that have been launched to develop the region’s tourism infrastructure include Virgin Hyperloop Express, Al Haramain Expressway, the development of major international airports in Saudi Arabia and the expansion of airports in the UAE, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait.

“It is important to highlight the impact of modern travel infrastructure on the tourism sector in the Gulf region,” said Simon Bryce, Senior Director of Arabian Travel Market

Virgin Hyperloop One is a passenger train which travels at speeds of 1.200 km/h and is one of the most important developments in the UAE’s tourism infrastructure. This train can transport 3400 people per hour, 128 thousand daily and 24 million annually. “Providing a high-speed option to transport residents and tourists between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in just 12 minutes represents a first step. The other Emirates and the GCC will also be linked in the future, with flights between Dubai and Fujairah taking 10 minutes and between Dubai and Riyadh taking 40 minutes.”

The countries of the region are also witnessing projects to expand airports and ports as well as to develop local roads and railways between cities. The growth of low-cost airlines will keep GCC countries at the forefront of tourism infrastructure and innovation.

The number of tourists coming to the GCC is expected to increase by 6.3 percent from 41 million in 2017 to 55 million in 2022.

Dubai’s marine tourism is likely to grow in the next two years as the emirate seeks to receive 20 million tourists a year before the Expo 2020. During the 2016-2017 season, Dubai received about 650,000 maritime tourists, with the number expected to increase to one million by 2020.