Dubai is the most attractive region for foreign investment

Amid the influx of international financial investments, Dubai is particularly attractive.

The aviation sector is a key business driver of the growth of the tourism industry, and as airlines begin to launch new routes, people are increasingly flocking to the region from all over the globe.

Emirates Airline is enhancing its in-flight entertainment system to stimulate demand targeting higher-paying segments like commercial and premium entertainment. Emirates has launched a large-scale modernization of its 777-300ER aircraft, which has introduced fully private suites in the first class, as well as changes in seat selection and cabin entry privileges.

James Richford, vice president of sales and marketing in the Middle East and Africa at IHG Hotels, said the rise in oil prices have led to improved consumer confidence and investors. In addition, government initiatives such as the Dubai Expo 2020 have also increased investor interest in the hospitality sector.

The UAE is the largest market for hotel investment, with contracts expected to reach $ 8.4 billion.

The UAE has its own entertainment, but analysts stress the need for more focus on medium-sized paying level of tourists. The UAE has achieved good results in attracting families, the theme parks sector is growing, with affordable options to attract a diverse segment of visitors. Family package options are becoming more diverse, and the family segment is expected to grow steadily.