Advisor to the Egyptian Minister of Tourism: The number of tourists visiting Egypt is increasing compared to previous years

The number of foreign tourists in Egypt rose by 55 per cent in 2017 compared to 2016, amounting to 8.5 million, the adviser to the Egyptian Minister of Tourism, Amr El-Ezaby, told the Interfax tourist portal.

‘He added that in 2017, tourists from European countries, increased by 80%. For example, tourists from Germany amounted to 1.2 million visitors, surpassing record levels registered in 2010. The greatest number of tourists visiting Egypt came from all over the globe, except Russia and the UK.

He added that despite several cancellations of trips to Egypt in 2017, the number of tourists from Russia to Egypt increased by 74.5% compared to 2016 and proved that it is possible to recover large numbers of tourists in a short period immediately after the start of new flights from Russia.