PD declares victory over its denouncing of PN/PL collusion

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This evening government issued a statement announcing that it will not continue with its parliamentary motion to reform the pensions for MPs.
Having exposed the collusion between the PN and the PL in previous days, the PD has veritably checkmated this motion and is thus declaring a victory for the Maltese people.
The MPs’ pensions’ reform bill was introduced by stealth.
Partit Demokratiku is compelled to expose the facts of how planned and clandestine manoeuvring by PL and PN together led to the debate on the pensions’ reform.
On Monday 4th March Parliament’s agenda fir the following day’s business  included the second reading of the pensions reform as third item on the evening’s agenda entitled Abozz 5 li jemenda diversi ligijiet (Riforma dwar il-pensjonijiet -2Qari.
The debate, which could have taken up to two and a half hours to conclude if the two speakers, one from government and one from opposition took their full speaking time, ended in  twenty three minutes , by which Parliament decided to adjourn fifteen minutes before closing at 9.00pm. It is indeed strange how no other speakers participated in the debate from government and Opposition PN on a bill which is a Money Bill and recommended by the President of the Republic.
The bill was evidently rushed through when PD’s MPs had left the House with no chance of returning in time to present their arguments and without they being told that the bill was going to be debated on the day. ( Attached please find Minutes)
PD shall continue to fight for the Maltese people and expose wrongdoing everywhere. We will remain to be the voice of the people.