Events by Senglea cultural association to create more awareness of Senglea’s treasures

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Senglea cultural association organised an art event for children between 10 and 13 years of age. It was done in collaboration with the Salesians in senglea. President Mario Gauci said that the aim of the association is to protect and promote Senglea culture and traditions.  Senglea has a lot to offer in terms of heritage culture and traditions. If one looks through its history, one will find that Senglea was critical for the Maltese island both at war times as well as peace time in contributing to the economy. One must point out that the shipping activity in Malta, including the docking activity is intertwined with Senglea and its culture. Needless to point out is the origins of the statute of the Bambina are a further confirmation of this link, together with the dockyard and the old dockyard school.

Senglea cultural association will continue to organise events to create more awareness of Senglea’s treasures.