BOV opens up the world of investments to Healthcare professionals

A conference on Looking at Health through the Gender Kaleidoscope was organised by the Learning Institute for Healthcare Professionals at the be.hotel in Baystreet between the 15th and 16th February 2018.

The aim of the conference was to create a deeper understanding, appreciation and knowledge among healthcare professionals coming from diverse backgrounds, in relation to gender issues. Thus, on the first day, speakers explored the impact of gender on health and well-being, whilst on the second day, presentations delivered focused on contemporary LGBTIQ issues.

In his intervention, Mr David Pace Ross, Senior Manager at Bank of Valletta, drew parallels between the world of healthcare and that of investment with regards to products and services offered as well as the practices adopted by the practitioners themselves.  “Both in healthcare and in the world of financial services, professionals seek to perform at the highest level possible, whilst providing their patients and customers with the required assistance. In both instances, the individual is required to be well-versed and adequately informed about the way forward,” he explained.

Mr Pace Ross concluded by saying that as healthcare professionals take an active interest in their patients, they must also keep up-to-date with the investment decisions of their hard-earned money.

The Bank’s participation in this conference is in line with the Bank’s commitment to continue investing in broadening and facilitating access to financial information.