Lebanon banks honor Adnan al-Qassar

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The Association of Banks in Lebanon honored the former head of the economic bodies in Lebanon, Adnan Kassar, who was escorted by the Secretary to the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon Mohammed Choucair. The president of the association, Joseph Tarbayeh, said that “behind him is an authentic legacy of cooperation and unity of position.”

He pointed out that Adnan Kassar represents “one of the most prominent men of politics, business and banks at the same time.” “Throughout the presidency, the economic bodies of Lebanon have maintained a spirit of intimacy, solidarity and interdependence, and all of them have lived in a single melting pot under the umbrella of an incubator for all, keen on unity and constant consultation among themselves and with trade union and professional actors. , Surpassing all sectarian, partisan and regional considerations, which have been and remain the most important obstacles to the progress of Lebanon and its prosperity and the well-being of its people. ”

He thanked Al Qassar for his honor and said: “You have carried the torch of banking and you have raised the name of our Lebanese banking sector, both regionally and globally, and you have achieved achievements and successes in a banking environment characterized by accelerating challenges, benefits and pressures, especially at the regulatory and legislative levels.”

“The success of the Lebanese banking sector over the past years would not have been possible without the unique role of the Central Bank of Lebanon and its able and wise ruler, Riad Salamah, thanks to the monetary and banking policies adopted and adopted today.” “It has contributed to the consolidation of overall stability in our financial markets and national economy, and has secured exceptional confidence from the international community in our financial sector.”