Technical report on the Waste-to-Energy facility published

Minister for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change José Herrera announced the Government’s direction regarding the technology to be used for the Waste-to-Energy facility, following an agreement reached within the Technical Committee, which was set up in July of 2017 and is composed of various social partners.

The main conclusions of the report prepared by the Technical Committee were the following:

–          The plant will be able to process around 114,000 tons of waste and recover a substantial amount of energy of about 69000 MW per year.

–          The Waste-to-Energy plant will use a robust technology, known as ‘moving grate incineration’, which is used in several European cities ​​and countries and by about 80% of Waste-to-Energy facilities.

–          This will leave a balance of nearly 190,000 tonnes of waste that is currently being landfilled and needs to be diverted through improved recycling and recovery solutions.

–          The size of the plant is circa 5,000 sqm, excluding ancillary installations.

–          It was proposed that this facility should be built in the Magħtab complex due to a number of reasons, particularly as there is already part of the infrastructure available at this site. Any development will be subject to permits and other necessary studies required by planning and environmental requirements.

Minister Herrera stated that the decision taken will fundamentally lead us to reduce the landfilling rate, which will in turn mean that less land will be lost for landfilling purposes. He emphasised that this will in no way affect the aim of achieving their 2030 recycling goals.

Government commitments which were referenced by the Minister included:

–          a refund scheme for the collection of plastic drink containers, metal and glass;

–          the launch of the collection of organic waste in every locality in Malta and Gozo;

–          introducing a legislative framework on the circular economy;

–          continuing to invest further in Wasteserv;

–          introducing laws with severe penalties for those who dispose of waste illegally in public places;

–          as well as addressing the collection of waste in our towns and cities.

Minister Herrera announced that the next step is a crucial one whereby the funding process and technical preparations are to be initiated. He said that the Government is looking at a Public-Private Partnership, and is confident that multinational companies will perceive this investment positively. The Minister said that the process of waste characterisation is also being finalised, by means of which they would be in a position to identify the type and form of waste which will be thrown in this facility.

“It is only with the collective effort made by people, government and businesses, that Malta as a nation will be in a position to continue to deliver good economic results, to meet its obligations in both waste management and emissions, to indeed safeguard our country’s natural capital, and to provide infrastructure for future generations”, concluded Minister Herrera.​

Full report can be viewed here