Let’s halt the rape of Bulebel agricultural land

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PD welcomes reports that the government may have had a change of heart, and the announced take over of 120,000 sq m of agricultural land at Bulebel, to extend the industrial estate, will not be undertaken.

The threat to Bulebel has been part of an ongoing attack on our environment and heritage for the last 40 years. When Dr. Alfred Sant, then Prime Minister, was faced with the same challenge, instead of sacrificing agricultural land he had chosen to use other vacant industrial land instead.

Recently, the PD Opposition member Dr. Godfrey Farrugia asked Parliamentary Questions to Minister Chris Cardona (3623 & 3621) and Minister Ian Borg (3622) on the matter, and although these replies are incomplete, it is evident that there is vacant land which is unused in other industrial zones, as well as factory space, which is lying dormant and which is going to waste. Such is the case at Luqa’s industrial zone where unused non-agricultural may be used instead of the proposed Bulebel expansion.

Partit Demokratiku condemns the laziness in the government’s planning and its lack of vision as regards the economy. Malta needs to make use of the expertise available to make us a leader in a sustainable, ethical economy which benefits everybody and does not damage our physical and mental health.

PD will still be applying with the PA so that Wied Iz-Zring, which passes through Bulebel, will be given Public Domain status in the next round of approvals and therefore an additional layer of protection.