Lebanon: Launching a Women’s Empowerment Program in the Middle East and North Africa

In an effort to promote equal opportunities for women and to empower women by developing their capacities and qualifications to become board members and play an active role in corporate growth, IFC, in partnership with Tamiz and the Lebanese Women’s Association, Lebanon and the Middle East and North Africa, has launched a Women’s Board.

The program aims to empower, train and rehabilitate women so that they can take leadership positions, including board memberships with active companies and institutions, to become an active decision-making partner and play a leading role in the business and finance sector. The criteria for selecting participants at the advanced scientific level for each woman were adopted, their leadership in the business sector and their contribution to the community.

The program was launched by a series of workshops held at Le Gray in Beirut with the participation of international trainers and experts specialized in the field of women empowerment and entrepreneurship. The workshop, which targeted 20 prominent women in leadership positions, focused on the different brain functions between men and women and stereotypes, ways of distinguishing women as a fundamental member of the councils, and the importance of overcoming obstacles to women’s access to leadership positions. The program aims to organize more than one workshop this year, targeting 25 women businesswomen from Lebanon. Following the success of the program in Lebanon, the “Women in the Board” program will be launched regionally across the Middle East and North Africa region.

The Director General of Tamiz Company, Rita Rizk, said: “Work is not done without the participation of women in the economic cycle. Experience and studies have shown that most of the world’s leading and leading companies are at the center of decision-making. Women master the arts of management and excel in Man in several sectors ». She stressed that «the women’s program on the boards of directors aims primarily to empower women and develop their potential, which contributes to the promotion of the path of development and achieve the desired growth».

Asmaan Zain, president of the Lebanese Association of Labor Women, said that the program will be an additional impetus to the rights and privileges that women’s associations and individuals advocate for women’s issues. Companies in which they work or outside. ”

“The results of a study conducted in Jordan show that companies with managerial positions have achieved a double return on equity and a three-fold increase in assets,” said Yahya al-Husseini, a corporate governance officer at IFC in Lebanon. The Minister of State for Women’s Affairs, Jean Oghasabian, added the richness of the workshops, culminating in a panel discussion led by the Deputy Director-General, Head of Strategy and Risk Management Unit of Lebanese Credit Bank Nada Rizkallah. The President of the “Lebanese Businessmen and Men’s Caucus” Fouad Zamalek, Former economist and economist Alan Hakim, and General Manager of General Insurance Co. Roger Zackar.