A total fund of euro 46,219,000 allocated to local councils

​​Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government and Communities Silvio Parnis announced, during a press conference on the financial allocation to local councils, that the Government has, once again, increased the financial allocation to local councils – this time by one and half million euro, with the allocated fund being that of euro 46,219,000.

The direct financial allocation to local councils should cover the following key criteria: landscaping and maintenance of parks and gardens, maintenance of roads and infrastructure, waste management, and administration.

The Parliamentary Secretary stressed the importance of using the allocated funds to specific functions for the purpose they were given. The Parliamentary Secretary added that the principle in 2017 – when councils were granted an additional adjustment fund for justice to be carried out in the distribution of funds – has been retained through the distribution of funds so that no local council has a negative impact due to the increase of properties in our country, the distribution of funds to the capital city and other cities with particular needs, and the distribution of funds to localities considered commercial or tourist areas.

Upon concluding, the Parliamentary Secretary called on all local council members to cooperate and do their utmost so that this year, the local council reform will be a success.