Some horrible sides to Labour – the politically appointed ‘henchmen’

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Following a second landslide victory, many of the Labour Party henchmen are happily wiggling in their seats with their mouths wide open gobbling up whatever happens to come their way.  Here we specifically refer to henchmen.  This is because these henchmen are the problem of the Labour Party. 

These henchmen have been given lucrative political appointments to the detriment of legitimate employees.  Some of these henchmen are those category of low level individuals, poor from within, who can only make it to top managerial posts through a political appointment and never on their own steam.  They are appointed to positions which they have no skills nor knowledge to handle and yet they are given exorbitant salaries right out from our taxes. 

And to add insult to injury, these henchmen consider anyone with better skills than them as a threat.  They goad on people by sending out emails full of intimidation.  They resort to attempts to belittle professionals or the skilled people around them.  They blatantly conspire to subject competent women to gender discrimination for their own personal benefit.  When they have a project or work system which they have no idea how to manage, they will say that the system is flawed rather than admit their incompetence. 

And yet, nobody can do anything about these henchmen.  They bask in the knowledge that they are untouchables.  It is not the government ministers and nor the Prime Minister who are the problem.  It is some of their henchmen who control them like puppets on a string.  For this reason, these henchmen are here to stay.  It is useless writing to the Prime Minister about injustices suffered at the hands of these henchmen.  If you go through facebook, you will realize that these henchmen regularly post photos posing with the Prime Minister or some other minister to remind their victims that they are invincible.  It is these henchmen who are doing the biggest damage to the Labour Government.  

There is also another category of henchmen.  These are the ones who worked and helped behind the scenes to ensure the two labour victories.  Now they hold government in their fist and they are making sure that they get back their weight in gold.  One wonders how the Passport Scheme came to be.  Who has benefited?  The property developers of course.  Ingenious of course.  Dangerous of course because the income from such scheme is giving the illusion that Malta has a thriving economy and that we have closed the financial year with a surplus.

However, as anyone with basic common sense can agree with, the income from the Passport Scheme is one-off.  Hence, it is an illusionary economic advancement.  Real economic development comes from the generation of quality employment and not from the sale of passports.  Ironically, most of these same henchmen were behind the election of Dr Adrian Delia to leader of the opposition.  Yep, these henchmen want to solidify their position whichever party takes over government, whenever that may be.

Sadly, the labour henchmen are rendering the Labour Party a machine for injustices.  There is practically no opposition because DeliaPN is nothing but a ridiculous joke.  Partit Demokratiku, alias MarlenePN, is nothing but a handful of individuals who love the sound of their own useless voice.  This leaves the media to act as the opposition in this country however the henchmen have made sure that the media is bought out in different ways.

Democracy, humbug!