Give the public their due instead of enriching the select few – PD on AUM

The Partit Demokratiku calls on the National Commission for Higher Education (NCFHE) to revoke the tertiary education license granted to the American University Malta in light of the recent developments, its staff being fired and inadequate student numbers to satisfy curricula. It is difficult to envisage that AUM will ever provide five Bachelor courses, a Masters course and four PhD courses let alone increase our economic growth by 85 M. Malta has a reputation to safeguard, if higher education is to thrive as one of its platforms of economic growth. Surely this is not the way forward to have pluralism in out tertiary education.

 The AUM is nothing more than a failed business venture despite it being given special concessions by direct order. Let us call a spade a spade. This government needs to re-address our prestigious educational sector as its electoral manifesto promise has not been upheld.

 It is evident that government has embarked on projects which have offered little to the Maltese population and have instead enriched a select few – and in light of this habit the Partit Demokratiku calls for independent feasibility studies to become part of standard procedure, as part of a greater strategy to empower the country’s institutions.

 While the Partit Demokratiku wants to see the return of Zonqor to the general public, the Dock 1 building should also be returned and put to the service of public good and the residents of the Three Cities.