Cheated by Ryanair recommended services

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Following a complaint sent in by one of our readers earlier this week (read here) regarding Ryanair, here at we have received a number of complaints regarding this same company. The following is an excerpt from an email sent in by another of our readers.

Ryanair is known for regularly changing flight times. If you happen to book your flight very early to get special offers from the airline, you are bound to have changes in flight times and days.

The inconvenience becomes more unbearable when you also book accommodation or other services such as car hire through Ryanair partners. One may think that using the services of its partners may make life easier and perhaps facilitate changes if required. Incorrect. By way of example, if you had booked a car and you need to change the dates due to Ryanair’s haphazard scheduling, you may be requested to cancel the entire booking and book again but…Surprise, surprise the price may have doubled.

Who is controlling these practices or abuses?

Readers wishing to share similar experiences, wherein they feel that companies or institutions whose goods/services on offer are not up to par, may send an email in confidence to