Ryanair double charges

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The following is an excerpt from an email sent in by one of our readers

When travelling, Ryanair may seem like a more viable option at first glance. However, when one analyses prices and services it transpires that when you compare like with like it may be more expensive than other airlines.

Apart from its huge amount of charges, this portal has been made aware of Ryanair customers who were charged twice for the same transaction. It seems that cabin crew say they cannot print the receipt for a decline of a transaction, then ask to re-enter the pin. This results in double charging for the same amount and transaction. Contacting Ryanair is a futile endeavour whilst when complaining to one’s respective bank, Ryanair will reiterate that one was present during transaction and therefore liable.

In maintaining these type of shenanigans Ryanair is nothing more than a fraudulent airline abusing of innocent flyers and ruining their holidays…Be very careful if you use this airline.

Readers wishing to share similar experiences, wherein they feel that companies or institutions whose goods/services on offer are not up to par, may send an email in confidence to info@maltawinds.com