500 Billion of Arab renewable energy investments

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The Secretary General of Renewable Energy Eng. Mohammad Al-Ta’ani said that Jordan is one of the pioneers in the region in the renewable energy sector and seeks to invest in human resources and accumulated experience in this sector.

He stressed the success of the solar energy projects that have been installed, especially for government and private institutions, which have saved a lot of the value of energy spending in general.

He said that the volume of investments expected in the renewable energy sector exceeds more than 500 billion dollars in the Arab countries by 2030 and expressed the hope to invest qualified human resources and expertise that has accumulated to help the Arab countries in this area.

He pointed out the importance of the meetings of the Fourth International Investment Forum for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency which will be held in the Dead Sea on December 5th with the participation of more than 100 distinguished research figures representing more than 15 countries.

He said that the forum will discuss over three days topics related to investment in renewable energy, efficiency and storage, mechanisms of utilization of solar energy, bioenergy, hydrogen and fuel cells, as well as signing agreements to establish investment projects for solar heating systems.

He pointed out that the International Forum will see the largest achievement of the Arab Renewable Energy Authority and the Jordanian Energy Association through the initiative of green generations and green schools for the second year in a row with the participation of more than 30 projects for students under the title of the exhibition green education creativity and innovation towards a sustainable future.

He stressed that Jordan’s experience in the initiative of the Green Generations, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, is pioneering and has many positives and we look forward to spreading them to other Arab countries.

He pointed out Jordan’s keenness to promote and support the axis of creativity and innovation for investment in the future, as stated in the royal vision of sustainable development in general and renewable energy in particular.