Government denies statements by the Senator of the Italian Five Star Movement

In a press release published today, the Government of Malta denies statements by the Senator of the Five Star Movement, Mario Michele Giarrusso, claiming that the Maltese Government has requested that he should not form part of a delegation visiting Malta on behalf of the Italian Parliament led by the Chairperson of the Anti-Mafia Commission, Rosy Bindi.

The Government of Malta, through its Ambassador in Rome, has already asked Hon. Bindi to provide an explanation for the allegation by Mario Michele Giarrusso. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has also transmitted this message to the Italian Ambassador in Malta.

Both Hon. Bindi and the Italian Ambassador in Malta have confirmed the position of the Maltese Government that it has never been consulted or expressed any opinion, neither formally nor informally, on any of the members of the delegation which will be in Malta on a visit planned and already scheduled prior to this week.​