HSBC is Malta’s first major bank to launch contactless payment cards

HSBC Malta is making life easier for their customers with the introduction of contactless cards technology, becoming the first major bank in Malta to roll out cards offering this functionality.

Contactless technology allows customers a faster, more convenient way to pay for just about anything, up to a pre-set limit. HSBC Premier Credit cardholders will be the first to benefit from this innovation before the service is extended to other customers in 2018.

Instead of using cash, Premier customers can pay by simply tapping their card on the secure point-of-sale terminal and the payment is processed instantly and automatically.  This card will work both locally and abroad with contactless-ready POS showing the contactless symbol.  For example, Premier customers will be able to use their cards to directly access the London underground without needing to buy a ticket.

These cards are extremely secure with a number of controls in place and the latest security technology from Mastercard, so customers can feel confident when they pay. Contactless payments have transaction limits and in the case of HSBC Malta, the limit is €25 per transaction. There is also the same protection against fraudulent transactions as the existing chip and PIN system. As an extra precaution, customers will be asked to enter their PIN from time to time to confirm their identity.

Daniel Robinson, HSBC Malta Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management, said: “I am delighted we are the first major bank to launch contactless cards here in Malta. I expect contactless payments to grow rapidly across the country as people realise they are more convenient and secure than using cash.”

HSBC Malta Premier’s contactless credit card benefits, terms and conditions, and up-to-date information can be found on the website or by contacting the bank on 2148 9100.