10 Lebanese banks within the first hundred Arab banks

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10 Lebanese banks among the top 100 Arab banks for 2017 in terms of assets. In this context, Lebanon is only preceded by the United Arab Emirates (22 banks), Saudi Arabia (12 banks) and Bahrain (11 banks) in terms of the number of banks listed. Arab banks have proved their ability to withstand a range of challenges such as low oil prices and geopolitical shocks. The Bank of Lebanon  stressed the steady increase (21.94% in 2016, the third highest increase among the Arab countries included) in the pre-tax profits of Lebanese banks whose names appeared on the list to $ 2.78 billion in 2017.

On the profitability side, the top 10 Lebanese banks recorded a return on assets of 1.41% (much lower than their regional peers) and 17.87% return on equity (the third highest in the region). Lebanese banks recorded a strong rise of 13.65% (the second highest in the region after Qatar ‘17.77% ‘) in core capital to $ 15.57 billion.

The Lebanese banks covered a strong growth in total assets of 5.61% (third place among the surveyed countries after Qatar with 20.05% growth and UAE growth of 6.93%) in total assets to about $ 197.60 billion.