Kuwait Stock Exchange is the top gainer in the region

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The performance of the Arab bourses since the beginning of this year has been mixed with investor sentiment being affected by the fluctuation in oil prices and the tension in the region’s geopolitical situation.
According to an Anatolia survey, based on the daily data of the Arab bourses, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain and Dubai markets rose, while markets in Qatar, Muscat, Abu Dhabi and Jordan declined.
“The performance of the regional equity markets is mixed with concern over investor sentiment over the geopolitical tensions in the region, especially as the crisis between Qatar and the Gulf continues,” said Amr Madani, the UAE’s financial intermediary.

There has also been a fluctuation in the performance of oil markets since the beginning of the year, although currently stable at high levels, which may support the performance of Arab markets until the end of 2017.
London Brent crude for November delivery rose 16.6 percent to $ 57.54 a barrel. US crude futures for November delivery rose 10.5 percent to close at $ 51.67 a barrel.
Oil fluctuation
“Stock markets have not shown a strong performance since the beginning of the year,” said Jamal Agiz, a stock market analyst and economist. “They have been heavily affected by oil price volatility and geopolitical instability in the region.

The stability of oil now and the attainment of high levels. We believe that this will cast a positive shadow on the performance of Arab stock exchanges, especially the Gulf ones, which rely on crude as a major source of income, according to Agiz..

Agiz said that the Saudi market may face some pressure after postponing its promotion on the FTSE Emerging Markets Index, while the Kuwaiti market will benefit greatly from joining the index in attracting investment inflows from foreign institutions.

FTSE Russell announced at the end of last month the postponement of the upgrade of the Saudi bourse to emerging secondary markets and said it would revalue again in March.
While FTSE decided to upgrade the Kuwaiti bourse to the emerging markets index. The Kuwait bourse is the fourth Arab stock exchange to be upgraded to emerging  markets, along with Egypt, the UAE and Qatar.

The Kuwait Stock Exchange came in the top gainers, the three main indices rose, the price index rose by 16.2 percent, while the weighted index rose by 13.3 percent, while the index of Kuwait 15, leading stocks, by 12.7 percent.