Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna addresses the NSO conference with the theme ‘Statistics – Helping Malta Make Better Decisions’

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While addressing a conference organised by the National Statistics Office of Malta with the theme, ‘Statistics – Helping Malta Make Better Decisions’, Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna emphasised on the need that the National Statistics Office attracts more qualified and motivated employees who are keen to work in this very important sector and joining an entity already equipped with experienced employees in this sector.

Minister Scicluna noted that the statistics sector is facing a number of challenges, caused by structural changes in the global economy and how it operates.

He went on to explain how IT investment has and continues to make the collection of information easier and more efficient. He stressed that organisations gathering and storing statistics need to ensure that nothing hinders this process whilst at the same time doing so at the least possible cost.

Minister Scicluna stressed on the importance of data sharing between public institutions in order to reduce bureaucracy with the scope of protecting businessmen and for the benefit of the citizens.

The Minister continued by expressing the importance that statistics are published in a timely and efficient manner but not at the expense of quality and accuracy. This is crucial since on the basis of these statistics certain important decisions for the country and particular organisations are taken.

Minister Scicluna concluded by saying, “statistics is very important for every citizen since it shows the progress that has been taking place whilst identifying those sectors where further work is needed.”

This conference was also addressed by the Director of Eurostat Dr Emanuele Baldacci who commended the collaboration between EUROSTAT and the National Statistics Office of Malta.