Partit Demokratiku views prostitution as a form of gender based violence

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As part of its ongoing 2L Campaign (Live and Love Campaign) PD is launching its second wellbeing proposal and public consultation process. Prostitution is an obstacle to gender equality and a violation of one’ s dignity and fundamental human rights.
Partit Demokratiku believes that the proposed debate by government, should not drag on and a conclusion reached forthwith, as this debate has been postponed for far too long, with a number of fits and starts that stretch over some years.
Partit Demokratiku invites all those who are interested, organizations that support human rights and those who are against gender based violence to get in touch and send in their feedback about this issue on
PD is of opinion that its legislation should be presented as a separate Government’s Bill, alongside The Domestic Violence Bill, as prostitution is closely related to policies that involve violence against sexes and gender inequality.
We champion human rights and politics that are more humane.