Saudi travellers are the world’s biggest spenders

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As the world’s biggest spenders when travelling, the Saudi Arabians have an average spending of USD 5,866 per person, the most in the world. Their most popular activities are shopping and sightseeing. Thy usually prefer destinations that are respectful of their religious practices and where Halal food is available. They would tend to stay longer in these places and therefore end up spending more.

Respondents from the MEA indicated strong intention (76 percent) to travel more in the future primarily residents from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE

Tourists from Saudi Arabia are the world’s biggest spenders when they head abroad, splashing more £14bn every year, according to government figures.

The wealthy Gulf country says at least 4.5 million Saudi tourists take at least one holiday each year and they spend as much as six times as Western holidaymakers.

Saudis’ spending abroad was the highest among all the Gulf states, and topped that of all Arab countries. Saudis spent $25.1 billion on tourism abroad, Emiratis $17.7 billion, Qataris $12.9 billion, Kuwaitis $12.3 billion, Omanis $2.3 billion and Jordanians $1.3 billion.
The report showed that the Emirates earned $14.0 billion a year, followed by Qatar ($10.6 billion), Saudi Arabia ($9.3 billion), Egypt ($8 billion), Jordan ($5.5 billion) and Tunisia ($3 billion).

With so much money being spent abroad Saudi Arabia is now looking at ways to develop its tourism industry to lure foreign visitors and entice its own residents to opt for a staycation and spend money at home.

The Kingdom has not realised the full economic potential for tourism as the industry is still relatively new compared to other Gulf and Arabian countries, and does not receive full financial support.