Works on the Marsascala Football Pitch project, with an investment of €2.2 million, have begun

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Minister Ian Borg and Parliamentary Secretary Clifton Grima visited the Marsascala football pitch. Through funding by the Ministry for Education and Employment and work done by the Works Department, extensive work is being carried out to build an equipped football pitch in this part of Malta.

Minister Borg commended the work done by the Public Works Department, which directorate is divided into sections of professional employees who give the necessary support to Ministries and Governmental entities in the planning of capital projects, as well as sections made up of skilled and manual workers who are essential in the implementation stage. He emphasised that the future role of this Department needs to evolve in view of the realities faced by our country today, and stated that he is confident that all workers will be protagonists in this evolution.

This project consists of the building of a football pitch equipped with all appropriate facilities, including changing rooms, a reservoir, a restaurant/cafeteria, a substation and other facilities for the nursery, and that the pitch will be transferred to the football club in a finished state. This includes lighting and plumbing services, tiles, plastering, apertures and metal railings, while the pitch will be finished with artificial turf, floodlights and a soft fence. Preparations for cleaning and excavation works have begun, now that all services which formed part of the family park’s infrastructure have been disconnected.

Works, which began over the last few weeks of the summer, are expected to be concluded within a year, and the project will cost €2.2 million. Minister Borg expressed his good wishes for all those who are contributing to the fulfilment of this project.

Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport and Voluntary Organisations Clifton Grima stated that the government is focusing on improving the existing facilities, as well as building new ones. This is not only happening for football, but for a number of sports. The government is making sure that sports become ingrained in the lives of the general public.

Clifton Grima added that every club should insist on having the best facilities possible, but that they also have to take care of what they have so that they could be better used and maintained. The Parliamentary Secretary also spoke about the law which allows these facilities to be commercialised so that every association or club becomes self-sufficient.​