Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Santa Marija convoy

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Renactment of historical events helps us to educate ourselves and future generations about Malta’s history in an interactive manner, and serves as a fruitful educational experience, said Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici during a visit to Lascaris War Rooms where Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna are currently holding an activity commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Santa Marija convoy – Operation Pedestal.

Minister Bonnici said that the Santa Marija convoy played an important part in our history as it was this convoy which helped Maltese people survive famine. In light of this, Minister Bonnici emphasised the importance of safeguarding Malta’s history, not only through the preservation of historical sites, but also through similar activities that recall important historical episodes.

Minister Bonnici congratulated Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna for this initiative and thanked the foundation for its constant work to safeguard Malta’s history. Minister Bonnici also encouraged the public to support Wirt Artna by attending such cultural events.

This activity will take place until today, Sunday 13th August, with the renactment shows taking place every hour between 11am and 3pm.