Bank of Valletta urges its customers to use their BOV cards to effect payments when on holiday

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Ahead of the most popular long weekend of the year, Bank of Valletta urges its customers to use their BOV cards to effect payments, whether they plan to cross the channel to spend a few days on the sister island of Gozo, or whether they plan a holiday overseas.

“This initiative is one of a series of campaigns the Bank has been running over the past months,” explained Ivo Camilleri, Executive Electronic Banking. “Our efforts are aimed at creating greater awareness about the benefits offered by cards as a means of payments, particularly when compared to the more conventional methods, like cash and cheques.”

Mr Camilleri highlighted the fact that when effecting payments by card, the cardholder automatically gets a breakdown of expenses. “When used in conjunction with the BOV Mobile Banking platform, the card holder gets the added value of viewing transactions real-time, and being able to effect transfers between one’s own accounts. Alternatively, one may choose to effect payments directly using the BOV Mobile Pay platform, which is ideal particularly for a group of friends sharing a bill,” he said.

Mr Camilleri also referred to the Bank’s ongoing efforts to educate cardholders about a number of practical tips that one may find useful when travelling with one’s cards. “Cards are a firm favourite as a payment option for cardholders on their travels, however we are aware that some people may still be hesitant.” In a bid to address such concerns, the Bank is highlighting four easy and practical tips that one should take note of when travelling with one’s cards.

“Case in point, it is important that the cardholder informs the Bank about the destination and duration of stay before travelling. Our people constantly monitor transactions, alerting cardholders when they flag irregular circumstances. Thus, once we are pre-advised that the card is going to be used in a given location, we would be better able to monitor it properly, without bothering the cardholder during his trip,” explained Ivo Camilleri. It is also prudent to confirm the validity period of one’s card and check that the PIN is valid before going away.

“These efforts are an integral part of the Bank’s customer-driven strategy,” concluded Ivo Camilleri. “Offering our customers intuitive methods of banking which suite their lifestyles, whist concurrently investing in raising awareness about how easy and convenient they are to use is also an integral part of this strategy.”

Should one require additional information about the Bank’s suite of electronic payments, one may contact BOV Customer Service Centre on 2131 2020 or by email on