First group of BOV winners announced

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The first four winners among BOV customers who took up a BOV Visa Classic card have been announced. The winners, Brian Aquilina, Joseph Borg, George Saliba and Axl Vella met Ivo Camilleri, BOV Executive Electronic Banking and Christine Saliba, BOV Branch Manager at the Bank’s Zejtun Branch, where they were presented with their gifts.

These cardholders were among the hundreds who applied for a BOV VISA Classic card between the 18th June and the 10th July 2017. 

Addressing the winners, Ivo Camilleri said, “Over the past two months, we have witnessed an increase in the number of customers applying for their BOV VISA Classic Card. This gives us great satisfaction, as the main aim of this campaign was to encourage more customers to apply for their first credit card, and experience first-hand the benefits that this card offers, as an alternative method of payment.” He went on to present the winners with a GoPro (Hero5) each. “Today we are giving away the first four GoPros from the twelve we have available,” he explained. The second group of winners will be randomly selected from among eligible customers who acquired their card between the 11th July and the 1st August. A third group will be announced from among those who take up their card by the 23rd August, while the last group will feature cardholders acquiring their first BOV VISA Classic card by the 10th September. Finally, one lucky winner will take up the grand prize of a 12-inch Macbook laptop.

Bank of Valletta is committed to continue investing in alternative methods of payments that spell important benefits in terms of convenience, peace of mind and security. “As announced a few days ago, the Bank is working hard to introduce contactless cards on the market. This improved technology will enable cardholders to enjoy the convenience of their BOV cards even more when effecting payments, whilst also providing all the benefits enabled by contactless,” explained Mr Camilleri. 

Anyone interested in learning more about the Bank’s current Summer Campaign is invited to visit the Bank’s portal, call its Customer Service Centre on 2131 2020 or inquire at any branch. Bank representatives will be happy to support the customer with finding the right banking tools to suit his lifestyle.