PD welcomes enforcement drive on abuse of beach concession licenses

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Partit Demokratiku welcomes the recent enforcement drive to curb rampant abuse of beach concession licenses.

We note that this abuse has been taking place for far too long. Partit Demokratiku is of the opinion that a cross department task force is set up in order to ensure effective enforcement, by carrying out spot inspections and by making sure that the permits are renewed accordingly.

Encroachment fees should be updated to reflect the real value of public land which is being used by these operators. Part of the revenue made from  these contributions should be allocated to the region’s Local Council.

A cash guarantee system should also be in place to make sure that the operators keep to the allocated area and respect other bathers.

Partit Demokratiku proposes that operators that abuse of their license repeatedly should have their permit revoked.

Furthermore, Partit Demokratiku insists that health and safety standards are upheld. Life guards services should be made available to bathers and possibly even financed collectively by businesses availing themselves of public land for public use.

Justice has to be applied equally to all players in such businesses.  Their should be no discrimination on political on any other ground.