7 things that prove this world is barmy

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It’s August and cool air is as hard to find as a PN admirer. But no one should worry as our land has never experienced such prosperous days. We are still the epicentre of the galaxies with Joseph Muscat our Moses who delivered us out of desolation and built us a true land of beauty, honey and money. Wherever you go the cranes are, wherever you look more blocks of cubicles sprout.

Hang on to your seats as we whizz around our balmy world of barmy silliness and beyond:

  1. The four just men. Never has the PN been so gripped with hope, preparedness and clear thinking. They are the best men in the world with the full charisma of a thousand Madre Theresas and Lady Dis rolled into one. Since the latter two went up to heaven the world has lacked a leader to grace the covers of the magazines and rags of the world. Marlene Farrugia, who has changed more allegiances than Donald Trump has sacked staffers, has decreed that the PN leader election should be cancell What the party should do in reality is put all four at the helm. From 44% of the electorate to just 44 supporters remaining is just a little percentage symbol away.
  2. Rebuke not disqualification? One of the four contestants was actually rebuked by the PN itself for terribly bigoted utterance It’s somewhat like giving yourself a yellow card. Frankly the man is not fit for anything and should instantly have been disqualified from humanity for his statements.
  3. Panama Papers in Pakistan. Unlike us, the courts seem to have been rather agile in reaching the conclusion that errant politicians should be ousted. Then said errant Pakistani politician solved the whole problem by nominating his own brother to take over. The world, as they say, is just one small melting potty, where little smells good especially if it involves politicians.
  4. Recusal or rebuke. The Chamber of Advocates has rebuked Simon Busuttil for saying what needed no saying. No judge married to a Labour Party stalwart should allow himself to be judging his wife’s mates, including the big leader himself and all his top men. Lawyers and asses often go together. Maybe Busuttil, a lawyer from a party of lawyers, should have waited to comment till after the request for recusal but was definitely not attacking the independence of the judiciary.
  5. No conflict of interest. The Commissioner of Policing Bunnies has decreed that having a deputy who is married to a government minister is no problem. There is definitely no conflict of interest. And coming from him it must be true. After all it was he who announced—before he became commissioner—that the prime minister is a super man with two huge balls to get this country truly going. No problem there either.
  6. Big balled big mouth. Mr Big Balls himself, our much-lauded and hailed as invincible Joseph Muscat, was on CNN repeating his comment that he thinks Brexit won’t happen. He even knows other leaders in the EU who share his thoughts. Cringeworthy stuff there but who cares? EU leaders love him and they all think he truly has balls of steel. If, as rumour has it, our own messiah is chosen for a top EU post, I would bet my last straw hat that he will make sure Panama is asked to join the EU. Or he’ll do it his wily way and spirit them in when no one is looking.
  7. International rebuke. And finally an international rebuke to close our list of comic horrors. A China newspaper, which is a government mouthpiece, has rebuked Donald Trump. It said that he should stop running international affairs via Twitter. When a retrograde, communist, liberty-quashing regime issues a word of advice to the highest office of the so-called free world and is fully, solidly right, the world has definitely lost all

Quick, quick, get me out of here!