Transfers Galore at Transport Malta

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We have just reported the case of Mr Charlot Cassar who has filed a judicial protest against his employer, Transport Malta. This judicial protest is related to two job transfers which Cassar got during this Labour Administration at Transport Malta under the Chairmanship of Mr James Piscopo.

During the PN Administration, Cassar held the post of Assistant to the ex-CEO, namely Dr Stanley Portelli and later was stationed at the Civil Aviation Directorate.

Following the second Labour victory on 4th June 2017, Cassar was informed on 18th July 2017 that he was being transferred. Cassar was not the only Transport Malta employee who was transferred. At least, four other Transport Malta employees were also transferred albeit internally within the structures of the authority. The other employees were subjected to the following:

  • Employee 1 who was transferred from the Roads Directorate to the Paola offices.
  • Employee 2 who was transferred from the Integrated Transport Strategy Directorate to the Civil Aviation Directorate.
  • Employee 3 who was transferred from the Roads Directorate to the Traffic Lights Unit.
  • Employee 4 who was transferred from the Land Transport Directorate to the registry.

All such employees hold managerial or senior managerial positions. It is to be noted that these employees received an email, informing them of their transfer, on 6th June 2017. The names of these employees are not being mentioned to protect confidentiality. It is to be noted that there were other employees who were transferred after the 2013 Labour victory.

On 12th June 2017, all Transport Malta employees received an email from the Chairman Mr James Piscopo who happily informed them that he had just been re-confirmed as Chairman and CEO of Transport Malta. This thus begs the following observations and questions:

  1. Piscopo had supposedly resigned on the event of the election from his position of trust
  2. Piscopo was re-instated as Chairman and CEO, again as a position of trust, on the 12th June 2017
  3. Hence Piscopo was, at most, acting Chairman and CEO when the employee transfers were issued.
  4. Was Piscopo acting in ultra vires in respect of these transfers???
  5. Were these transfers based on a poor performance of the respective employees or was there another reason???

The Moviment tac-Cittadin encourages people, who have suffered injustice or discrimination at the hands of this Labour administration, to write to us with their story on All correspondence will be treated in strict confidence and no reference to the person will be made unless the person wishes otherwise.