Palumbo Malta Shipyards 7th Anniversary

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“I have lived – and still live – within a competitive market at an international level. I have nothing to fear from local competition. Quite the contrary, it will push us to improve; it stimulates me.” These words were uttered by Antonio Palumbo, the CEO of Palumbo Group.  Year on year, Palumbo pursued multiple investments to be able to compete with the best shipyards, not only local but even on a global scale. 2017 is the seventh anniversary that saw the setting up of Palumbo in the former Dockyards in Malta back in 2010. Palumbo vowed that their first goal was to restore the credibility which Malta Shipyards had lost during the years. Till today, they remained true to that very same goal.

Due to their exposure in the international market, Palumbo has not only gained recognition as one of the best shipyards in Europe, but proudly, placed third worldwide in the cruise ship refitting, beating shipyards from Barcelona and Marseille. The contracts were won to refit and maintain four cruise liners; Mein Schiff 2 and 3, Costa NeoRiviera and the Thompson Spirit.

“Placing third worldwide in just six years since we took over the Malta Drydocks gives us immense satisfaction. This ranking would never have been achieved without everyone’s dedication and hard work,” Palumbo Group CEO Antonio Palumbo said. Considering the short span of time that the shipyards have been set up in Malta, it’s not only impressive but gives also reassurance to investors and anyone pursuing their services, that it’s giving renowned shipyards a run for their money.

Apart from the big names and other extensive projects, in a twelve month period Palumbo managed to repair roughly 200 vessels, totalling over 1300 since the beginning of their operation in Malta. The Yard continues to cultivate its credibility in the international ship repair sector after several test repairs were executed efficiently and within contracted duration. Moreover extensive repairs have been carried out in the yard, specifically engineering repairs in way of Propulsion and Steering.

To achieve this high level of efficiency and keep up with the demands, Palumbo had to invest in the latest technology, to keep in line with the competitors whilst offering the clients top notch service.

ISO 14001 was obtained by Palumbo after three years of Auditing by class Bureau Veritas.  This identifies the requirements for an environmental management system that an organization can use to enhance its environmental performance.

Palumbo’s Marketing programme was another considerable investment in order to attract more projects and boost the yard’s status in the International Maritime sector. Palumbo also took part in sponsoring the European Shipping Week and Lloyds Greek shipping Awards together with the Ministry of Transport in Malta as well as the Malta Maritime Summit 2016.

The company’s Corporate Social Responsibility continues to be very significant, as the company has contributed to a considerable number of local organisations. Mr. Palumbo himself is also very involved, most noticeable, back in April 2017 one could see Mr.Palumbo adorning the red and yellow scarf for the promotion of Senglea Athletics FC. to Premier Division.  Palumbo , for 6 years also offered continuous support both to St.George’s Football Club and Vittoriosa Football Club

Furthermore at the end of May 2016, Palumbo opened its doors to the general public by holding its first ever open day receiving more than 3000 persons. This has been done as a token of appreciation towards the individuals who have contributed in some way or another. From Unsightly machines to Bouncy Castles, the area was transformed into a family friendly premises offering entertainment to anyone and welcoming on stage the Maltese flag bearers Ira Losco and Joseph Calleja, the Malta Philanthropic Orchestra, 4 local bands, Street dancing, food/drinks, demonstration of the trades in workshops and a train that carried visitors around the yard, all of which was for free.

The Yard’s General Manager is also in the board of directors in the Malta Maritime Forum with the mission to serve as a common platform for those Maltese interests who are involved in the in the local maritime industry.