Minister Owen Bonnici welcomes the positive results achieved in the Cultural Participation Survey 2016

​Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici welcomed the successful results in the Cultural Participation Survey 2016 presented during a symposium organised by Arts Council Malta in collaboration with the National Statistics Office and Valletta 2018.

These results showed an increase in participation of people in the cultural sector. In fact, 91% of the adult population attended or participated in cultural activities in 2016.

Addressing the symposium, Minister Bonnici referred to several initiatives taken by this government in order to attract more people towards this sector, such as the restoration of 80 historical sites to be enjoyed by the public in general, even through open days. Minister Bonnici emphasised on the need to instil a love for culture in the younger generations through initiatives like the culture pass so that more students have access to cultural activities.

Minister Bonnici said that we have to look at the cultural sector as one that intertwines with other aspects such as the economy, employment, and tourism. For this reason, in the past legislature, the Ministry started working on projects such as the Carnival project and MUŻA, which will be enjoyed during this legislature.

“The government is committed to keep on giving culture the importance it deserves as we believe that culture should be given a prominent rule in our daily lives and the country’s economy”, concluded Minister Bonnici.