The PL Deputy Leadership contest – an analysis

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After the Labour Party’s stunning election victory and the appointment of the cabinet, the next step in the party is the election of a new Deputy Leader to replace Louis Grech. It is interesting that this Deputy Leader for Parliamentary Affairs is also Deputy Prime Minister, so it is an important position of power that could shape policy for years to come. This figure could also have considerable influence on a possible leadership election when Prime Minister Joseph Muscat decides to step down.

The candidates:

Sources who are in the know have indicated that there are three ‘heavyweight’ candidates that will most probably throw their hat into the ring.

Edward Scicluna

The soft spoken and popular Finance Minister could be seen as a leading contender. He is seen as very close to Joseph Muscat in a sort of fatherly way and his strong hand in financial policy certainly gives him credit amongst Labour delegates who will no doubt factor the successes of the economy into account when taking their decision. Incidentally, Scicluna was also strongly elected on the two districts he contested, the 7th and the 8th – in the latter he performed better than current Deputy Leader for Party Affairs, Chris Cardona who was undoubtedly affected by the allegations of scandal around his private life. Scicluna is seen as a safe hand in the economic arena and this could count no end for his chances to the Deputy Premiership

Chris Fearne