I thought I too had a dream but it was just a nightmare

In my dream I saw rivers of people in red celebrating. I thought it was a grand vision of people wrapped in Maltese flags, all singing the Maltese national anthem. It wasn’t red or blue, orange or green, it was just red happy people, feasting Malta, our little island.

But this turned out to be a nightmare. The seas of people were Labour Party supporters, all drunk with happiness that Joseph Muscat had triumphed. And what a triumph! Stampeding over all opposition, beating all the odds to grab another electoral victory in his unique way.

The people have spoken, so naturally the mantra now is “to hell with the clarion call of voting to choose Malta”. People, in their vast majority, voted for Joseph Muscat and gave a good two-fingered salute to good governance and any hint of a return to sanity, a return to the observance, in all institutions, of the rule of law.

Joseph Muscat has never worried unduly about hugging the unhuggable. Cyrus Engerer and Manuel Mallia were called soldiers of steel when they were caught out doing what should not be done.

Joseph Muscat defended beyond defence all that Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri did. And the people still chose him unequivocally—and fully endorsed the seemingly unendorsable.

Joseph Muscat, in a moment of pre-electoral say-anything-to-seem-squeaky-clean, even hinted that Mizzi and Schembri could be out of their jobs after the election.

Instead Konrad Mizzi got promoted to a ministry with a name and Keith Scembri was retained as Chief of Staff.

Who cares about dreams and proper governance when the people back you? Why give a hoot when the people so obviously and strongly did not choose to elevate the rule of law back to its rightful platform?

Who cares what the courts might conclude if the majority of voters show they are in favour of a Prime Minister who chooses his buddies above all else? Who cares what we, the little-minded people who believe in proper scrutiny of all public men and women, think about the obvious meddling in public authority and the erosion of  things connected to good governance?

I’ve been told over and over again that, now the election is over, life needs to get back to normal because the people have spoken, and  pointing out what is crooked is like a broken record, a PN slogan and passé.

We should all shut up and say how good life in Malta is; we should all declare abroad that all our peccadilloes are nothing and that Malta as a jurisdiction has an impeccable, unimpeachable reputation.

We should all wake up, smell the coffee and pay homage to Joseph and his amazingly great prowess in mesmerising the population and forget the garbage spewed by scaremongering loons.

To me and many like-minded people, even if we belong to a lost cause and a dying breed, values remain not part of a dream but what should be pure reality.

If insistence on anything connected to values, good governance and a complete repudiation of corruption can in any way hinder development, then I for one prefer being under-developed and will revert to being less advanced materially.

I will always choose freedom and truth over anything.