PN leadership: The race is on

With the race for PN leadership looming closer, Roberta Metsola remains the establishment’s favourite candidate. However, it seems as if this is not serving as a deterrent for other candidates, who are being encouraged to contest the race by different factions in the party.

Despite forming part of the defeated leadership, sources say that both Beppe Fenech Adami, as well as Ann Fenech are keeping their options open with regard to the party’s top post. Pierre Portelli, current editor of the Malta Independent, has also been mentioned as eyeing the post of Leader of the PN.

Meanwhile, in a flood of angry comments on social media and commentary boards, PN activists and supporters are airing their displeasure and disappointment at PN candidate Therese Comodini Cachia, who has renounced her parliamentary seat to remain in the European Parliament in Brussels. Many have questioned her motives and have publicly stated that they now feel ‘betrayed’.

It is now highly likely that David Thake will be taking Dr Comodini Cachia’s seat in parliament.