MFSA, FIAU, VAT Department and the Commissioner of Police

One can say it clearly that these elections have dismantled the credibility of certain institutions in our country. Some had lost credibility and reputation months ago and their incompentence, inaction and lack of transparency became more evident as reports were becoming public in various media.

This portal was the first to highlight and question what was going on in the MFSA republic. Over the months we were proven right and now there seems to be a consensus that Prof Bannister should resign and that the MFSA should build appropriate structures to sustain Malta’s most important industry.

The FIAU has proved to be very weak not only in the actions taken or rather not taken but it has been extremely weak in ensuring protection of data. If the FIAU requests information from subject persons and they do not provide it they can take action against those same persons. However, FIAU cannot guarantee that this information will go in the Media. Certainly there is something fundamentally wrong in their control processes.

The VAT department has once again attracted attention due to irregular practices by certain employees. This is not the first time that the VAT department attracts attention in this sense. It seems that their control systems failed once again.

The Commissioner of Police has lost credibility in the eye of the General Public due to the apparent inaction but also to the very weak Public relations. He has failed in ensuring to re-establish trust in the Police force.

The Maltese electorate may take into consideration all the above issues and it may also not do it. However, what is certain is that there is a dire need of change in the administration of these and other Government related entities.