Major parties fear photo finish – Does corruption affect economy?

This portal is informed that the unprecedented activity within the parties to encourage people to go and vote is due to fear of photo finish.

The PN is encouraging its supporters to approach everyone they know in order to keep giving the message that Malta cannot afford not to change if it is to save its reputation and consequently its financial services industry. A vote for Joseph Muscat would mean that the Maltese approve corrupt practices and investors would no longer trust Malta and the Maltese.

On the other hand although still confident that it will still win, the PL is bombarding with phone calls and Sms. Canvassers are instructed to keep passing message that focuses on economic performance and that after achieving a surplus result the PL may now address other matters.  PL is counting on the brain washing message that it has won the 2013 with.

Regrettably one notes that the good economic performance may no longer be such if reputation is lost. In this context, the remaining voters may be in a dilemma. The football supporters which are undecided only have a few minutes left. The others may have a little more than an hour to take their decision.