Interpretations of turnout at this stage purely speculative

Various comments are interpreting the increase in turnout at the polls of the General Election 2017. The increase of 3 percent may be considered a turnaround in trend that was occurring in recent elections. However, there are various factors that need to be taken into account.

The campaign saw the leaders encouraging the voters to vote early in the day.  The reason for this is to try and identify as much as possible any undecided voters. This is generally done to do one last effort to convince people to vote for their respective party.  In spite of all the survey, it is clear for both leaders that this may be a close result and both major parties are chasing every possible vote.

Apart from the above we have two unprecedented effects on the turnout being the UEFA Champions League Final and also examinations. The Champions League final brings with it various get togethers and as early as 6pm people start preparing for this event or to go out. In this context, many may have decided to vote earlier.

This morning there were also examinations taking place.  In this context, certain University students may have decided to go immediately before or immediately after the examination since it may be more convenient.

Having said all the above, it is only half of the population or slightly more that voted. In the context of the amount of undecided voters and those that have preferred not to express their sentiment publicly in surveys any interpretation of this turnout cannot be anything but pure speculation.