FIMBank supports Malta Developers Association

FIMBank plc is supporting the Malta Developers Association through a corporate sponsorship agreement, which was signed recently. The agreement focuses on support for the educational programme run by the Malta Developers Academy, which aims at promoting high-standard, industry practices and responsible development, while providing a platform for professional networking.

The MDA provides members with learning opportunities through a specialised range of courses relevant to the construction industry. The objective of the Academy’s educational programme is to help develop the property sector through a sustainable environmental approach, as well as to promote proper consideration of social and economic responsibilities of the sector towards the wider community.

Courses at the Malta Developers Academy focus on occupational health and safety at the workplace, as well as the maximisation of available resources – including the optimisation of energy and water usage – when developing such projects. Extensive emphasis is also placed on legal obligations in relation to the incorporation of sustainable design principles into new developments.

“The real estate industry provides a significant injection into the Maltese economy, creating value not just for property developers, but benefits which can be enjoyed by society as a whole,” MDA President Sandro Chetcuti said. “We are pleased to collaborate with FIMBank to pursue our mission of contributing to the growth of the property development sector in an environmentally sustainable manner.”