Will Prof Scicluna keep Bannister? Did Muscat pull his string again?

In a desperate last moment speech, Prof Scicluna tried to defend our institutions saying that there is nothing wrong with them . Indeed, he said that this is the impression that some are trying to give. Professor Scicluna forgot to mention that various EU MEPS as well as various EU institutions had criticised Bannister’s untenable position.

Bannister had to resign from his Directorships of Offsore Collective Investment Schemes in view of the heavy criticism. He also said that the ethical standards will now apply to the Supervisory Council as well, which is a pure admission that formally ethics did not apply to him.

Prof Bannister was defended by ex PM Gonzi (a Director on the Nemea Bank) and also By PM Muscat who is under investigation concerning documents at Pilatus Bank. Both Pilatus Bank and Nemea bank were givien a licence under Bannister tenure and both were not fit and proper to get a license.

Much better was expected from Professor Scicluna rather than becoming another political person who no longer says the truth. I sincerely hope we misunderstood his words and he would remove this person (Bannister) who is damaging Malta’s reputation.

Power influences all in a negative way.