With Egrant Muscat got some of his own medicine!

Prime Minister Muscat has consistently stated that Egrant is a fabrication and he was judged on a lie. Some persons speaking to this portal stated that whilst if this is true it should be condemned, Muscat has over the last four years did plenty of the same unfounded judgements on other persons.

It seems that Muscat was being wrongly informed on various matters by the persons he was surrounded with. These persons conveyed not the truth but what was convenient to their cronies. Some of them were particularly influenced by persons from the General Workers Union and its (GWU) so called consultants. For information purposes many claim that the GWU is controlled by one specific consultant who has also been appointed in various positions with government and promised heaven on earth if PL wins again.

Without any proof Muscat condemned these persons and put them in his bad books. This in spite of the fact that some of these were loyal to Muscat throughout. On others Muscat went even public claiming unfounded allegations. Certainly Muscat felt no regret to damage these people in spite of everything being based on lies.

If Egrant case is not true than perhaps Muscat no would have learned his lesson and possibly in future he can judge people on merits not lies.