Malta Chamber calls for establishment of a task force on Malta Files

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry calls on all technical and professional financial services stakeholders to come together and form a task force to tackle the damaging effects of the publication of Malta Files.
The Malta Files episode has triggered a series of attacks on the integrity of the country’s fiscal structures and financial services industry. There has never been a time when the country needed to form a common and undivided front more than today.
Time is of the essence on this matter. Every minute is valuable and all stakeholders need to come together immediately to address this very serious issue.
The Malta Chamber is offering its 170 years of experience, to bring together all impacted stakeholders at this understandably very sensitive time to produce a common front on this issue.
In an open and investment-based economy like ours, the Malta Files and the ensuing inferences endanger the entire economy. We need to build on the decades long political consensus that contributed to the setting up and continued success of the financial services industry.
The Malta Chamber welcomes the commitment by both political leaders towards defending Malta’s reputation and calls on them to continue to do so in a united fashion.