Planned Hijack During University Debate

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On Wednesday 17th May there will be the much-anticipated political debate for students at University.  It is a debate between the leaders of the political parties namely Dr Joseph Muscat, Dr Simon Busuttil and Dr Arnold Cassola.  Somehow, Dr Marlene Farrugia managed to butt in.  But we are not surprised of course!  And, whilst we are at it, I hope that Daphne Caruana Galizia has finally realized that she is not a University student and hence she has no place in the debate.

But will this really be a sensible and mature debate, or not?

A bunch of PN professional-wannabes have decided to hijack the debate and turn it into the usual attack on Dr Joseph Muscat and they actually think that they can corner him!!  Dr Muscat has dealt with King Rats and he is still standing on his own two feet.

These wannabes are high-up at University in tal-Qroqq.  Wow!  Maybe we should all bow to them?

These wannabes passed their O Levels and A Levels.  Wow!  Maybe they are much more intelligent than the rest of plebeian Malta?

These wannabes think they can trap Dr Muscat easily.  Wow!   Maybe they think that being labour and being stupid are interdependent variables?

Dear ego-inflated wannabes, tell me, do you also think that the Maltese people owe you something?  No. Nobody owes you lot anything.

Do you know why?  Of course, you don’t!

You see, you attend University.  You do not pay to attend University.  You get a stipend for attending University.  You think that University is free-of-charge.

You are wrong.

University is very expensive to run, operate and maintain.  You students are a huge expense for the country.  But the Prime Minister and politicians believe in you, so they make policies and assign capital funding to ensure that University is not reserved for the elite few, as was the case in the past.  The tax payers, including those labour supporters whom you deem stupid, also believe in you.  They are paying through their taxes so that you can study at University, get a stipend and become professionals.

So, next time you decide to shake your sorry ass at tal-Qroqq, remember that it is the tax-payer who is supporting your rants and immature behaviour which are synonymous with the angst of youth.

Learn to show respect because, no matter how many qualifications you get, you still need a basic inherent good nature to excel in any profession.

Learn to be humble because, no matter how many qualifications you get, you still know very little in comparison with what there is to know.

Learn to appreciate others because, no matter how many qualifications you get, you still need the help of those around you to pull through anything.

And, do yourselves a favour, try to grow up!