Against all odds…Love conquers all!

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Photo: Lovin’ Malta

On the eve of a snap election, amid all the white noise, fake news, accusations and allegations, proposals and counter ones, flooding our newsfeeds 24/7, one comes across a heart-warming item, which not only tugs at the heart-strings but somehow restores faith in humanity.

According to an item posted on the popular Lovin’ Malta portal (read here), Maltese actress Nicole Marie Muscat talks about her relationship with Karl Wirth and his marriage proposal. Nothing out of the ordinary, one might think, but Nicole and Karl are a Down’s Syndrome couple, whose devotion to each other is nothing short of extraordinary. What is even more evident, is the couple’s especially Nicole’s, mature take on spending the rest of their lives together – a fine example of how a decision as life-changing as marriage is to be taken.

We extend our heartfelt best wishes to Nicole and Karl for a long and happy married life!