Daphne’s Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong!

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Daphne was staring at herself in the mirror.  She was jealous.  Very jealous.  The more she thought about her, the angrier she got.  She sat back in her armchair opposite the cheval mirror and brooded about how pretty Michelle was with that slender nose and a smile which melted rocks.  Michelle even lost weight!

Daphne stood up and moved towards the mirror.  She looked closely at her own reflection.  Everything had gone wrong.  She had remodelled her nose by cutting off half of it but it grew back.  It seems like it had the Pinocchio syndrome.  She had put fillers in her lips to have that pouty sexy look but they lasted only two days.  The doctor had said that the venom she spat at Labour had reacted badly with the fillers.  Now her lips looked like a letter box again. Labour venom, humbug!

That pesky Demia also had the cheek to compare her tiny wrinkles to the Victoria Lines!  Demia called them Daphne Lines!  Grrrrrr!  One day one of her minion spies will tell her who Demia really is.  Then Demia will have to bow to General Caruana Galizia.  Demia has it coming.

People had been commenting behind her back saying that she had gained weight.  But that was not true.  She could never be overweight.  She turned slightly sideways and examined her behind.  That is what was left of the implants which she had done in Rio a couple of years ago.  She had really wished to wear those skimpy bikinis and dance at the carnival but, with her shriveled behind, she had nothing to shake about.  So she had the implants done but it seems that, over the years, they sagged and moved down into her thighs.  Now her behind just looked puffed and dangly like a pizza dough and her thighs wobble about instead!

Grrrrr!  Grrrrrrrrr!

After examining various photos of Michelle, Daphne decided that it was not possible that Michelle was so beautiful!  Daphne ruled that Michelle must have had plastic surgery done in between her back-to-back daily commitments.  So she decided to expose her.  Tick! Tick! Tick! Tick! Tick!  She started typing away at her laptop.


The above story is purely fictitious and is to be appreciated as a satire.