Daphne is crying WOLF!!

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And here we go again!!  Another minion spy has delivered a much desired scoop to General Daphne Caruana Galizia.  This time it is an email regarding the CHOGM organization.  Caruana Galizia has accused the CHOGM Task Force of taking kickbacks.

Come on General Caruana Galizia!  Now you are really fixated with this kickbacks thing.  You seem to be soo desperate to find anything to call foul that you are now stooping to a new low.

Caruana Galizia quoted part of an email sent by MHRA to its members informing them to negotiate a commission to be given to the CHOGM Task Force.  Of course, this on its own would raise eyebrows.  However, with malicious intent, the blogger deliberately omitted the most important part of the email.  The blogger did not also write that the commission was for advertising in the secured CHOGM website which hotels could avail themselves of, if they so wished!

The whole text of the email was reproduced in such small print that it looks like a footnote and is barely legible.

Stop these dirty tricks Daphne.  Stop crying ‘WOLF’!