Statement by the Assoċjazzjoni Sports Muturi u Karozzi

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Promised Ta’ Qali footprint for the track (Motor Recreation and Education Park) is already allocated for another project. The ‘Assoċjazzjoni Sports Muturi u Karozzi’ (ASMK) is flabbergasted by the Prime Minister’s announcement of a sports track at a Ta’ Qali Site.

 The site referred to in the Sport News (broadcast on PBS) had in fact been part of an agreement, including a deed, signed between the Government of Malta, the MFCC and the ASMK back on 20th January 2012.

 Unfortunately lack of promised action by the MFCC meant that the ASMK could not proceed with the project.  However, the ASMK is surprised to get to know about the Prime Minister’s statement especially since the binding deed had been signed and sealed.

 In the coming hours, the ASMK will be notifying its members about this surprising and unfortunate development.

 ASMK is strongly hoping that the Prime Minister’s announcement was the result of either a mistake or incorrect information and appeals to Hon. Dr. Muscat to clear the matter at his earliest convenience.

 Although in election period, the ASMK appeals to politicians not to re-use motor sports as a political ball, only to forget all about it in the following years.

 ASMK has a verbal confirmation from the Hon. Parl. Secretary that the ASMK project and location should not be affected by this new project both at present and in the future. However, ASMK is taking these steps to safeguard its interest, likewise the interest of its  members and those of our sport.