Dear Prime Minister, can you help me decide?

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Dear Prime Minister,

As you rightly say in various interventions we will once again be deciding on the future of our country. With this in mind, I would like to take a well informed decision but I have still matters that are not clear to me. It would be very helpful if you could advise me on how I can address the following:

  1. Your Government brought various investment to Malta. Certainly one can say that in these four years this boosted the economy. However, I do not know whether this investment is of long term benefit to the country or else there will be other implications as I have no idea on certain commitments that Malta took given that the details of the contracts were not published amongst others that of Energy and the Hospitals.
  2. Various persons have accused you and your team of corruption. You categorically denied this but at this stage it seems to be your word against that of these persons. Perhaps it would have been better if election was held after the outcome of the Magistrate’s investigation. It is too late now to go back. Would it be possible to request the authorities to publish reports in relation of Politically Exposed Persons before the election?
  3. Your Government gave certain civil rights to certain people but failed to address injustices emanating from old laws in Malta which do not reflect the realities of today. Will you commit yourself to address all these injustices as petty as they may look in the first year of a new Government?
  4. The appointment of Chairpersons and Boards in Authorities does not seem to have a proper procedure and certainly meritocracy has been a wonderful dream. Will you agree to change the system and that Chairpersons of Authorities should have an extraordinary majority of the Members of Parliament? This would enrich the independence of such authorities from Government
  5. The Judiciary system in Malta faces various criticism within the courts corridors. This because many claim that it depends on the Judge you happen to be in front and not what laws (or the lack of them) or justice would require. Will this be addressed?
  6. Small Business have not benefitted a lot. Whilst I understand and appreciate the importance of FDI, I feel that a stable economy in a country like ours needs to have a strong pool of micro and small businesses. Will you engage to ensure that these will be incentivised and assisted to compete and to remain sustainable?
  7. Government has failed in traffic management. Can you enlighten us on the plans to address this?
  8. Will you commit to remove any person that is involved in any issues like the Panama Papers in future?

I look forward to hearing your comments.